No available new cards PLEASE HELP

It has been 2 days and the available new cards are in 0 and I’m really sad about it but i dont know what to do any more. On Sunday i installed this add-on “No new cards until next day”, I contacted the author and no answer. Just wanted for the day really, yesterday I deleted the add-on because I wanted how it was before but it didnt show any new cards, unsinstalled the app and also no changes. Today also, so I really dont know what to do. I review the manal of anki and it is not helping me with this case.
Please please HELP
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Is this the add-on you used?

If so, maybe try this:

  1. Go to the Browser and search: tag:ø::hide_new_cards_until_next_day::* is:suspended
  2. Select all the cards and then unsuspend them (e.g. by clicking Ctrl+J)

Also: if you sometimes want to reduce the number of new cards to 0 just for one day, instead of add-ons you may consider using this built-in feature

Thanks!! it helped a lot!


Maybe you should activate this setting and try again:

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