Newer versions of Anki do not seem to pull from the system CA cert store on Windows

When I upgraded to 2.1.61 I noticed that I was unable to sync my Anki deck across to ankiweb on my school’s internet. I believe that this is due to the school’s use of Fortinet necessitating us to install their self signed CA so that they can intercept our HTTPS traffic.

This was not an issue with 2.1.56, where it would successfully sync without issue, it is also not an issue with Ankidroid 2.15.6. The issue persists across 2.1.62 for both QT5 and QT6.

I can’t seem to reproduce this. When I add a self-signed cert into the Windows cert store, Anki accepts it for me. What exactly does the error say?

Error sending request for url(): Connection closed before message completed.

It works fine when connected to another network so I don’t believe that my computer’s firewall or antivirus would be responsible for this?

I tried changing my ankiweb password and it successfully gives me an login error: so it seems like the problem might lie somewhere else… I can log back in on school wifi but it still fails to sync. It stops syncing and gives the error message after it says that 4 cards have been uploaded, and this is consistent.

My guess is they are not simply inspecting but also modifying the data being sent to or from AnkiWeb, or terminating the connection abruptly. Old versions may be unaffected because they used a different sync protocol. Your school network admins or the network vendor may be able to shed more light on the situation.

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