Newbie Query - Editing a Drawing

Is there a way to edit a drawing after saving? I need to make corrections instead of having to redraw the entire drawing. Thanks for any help.

Does the image editor work with version 2.1.44? When I use it it says “image created” but nothing is displayed on the card. Please advise. Thank you.

According to the “Supported Anki versions” for the add-on, yes

check the “How to Use” section of Image Editor and if something is wrong, is could be an add-on conflict or an undiscovered issue that can be posted on git hub (Issues · BlueGreenMagick/Image-Editor · GitHub)

Thanks for the reply. No luck. I invoke Image Editor in version 2.1.44 states “image created” no other add-ons. Nothing displays on the card. I have followed the instructions on “how to use.”

strange case, try reinstalling the add-on and if that not work try going in 2.1.40 ( you will have to reinstall the add-on again for 2.1.40 compatibility)

to downgrade, remember: profile → switch profile → downgrade and quit

You posted this in the AnkiMobile section, so I presume you are asking about the drawings you can do inside AnkiMobile? In the editing screen, a two-finger long press on an image you’ve drawn will allow you to edit it.

Thank you. It works for me!