New Mac Icon with Standard Square Dimensions

This may just be my OCD, but the new Mac OS standardized the height of icons, such that most icons are neat squares. Anki is the only icon on my launchpad that does not conform to the convention.

It would make me so happy if a new version of Anki moved to a neat little square icon. Maybe the icon from the iPhone app could be recycled?

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That’s a possibility for the future, I’ve just got my hands full at the moment

AFAIK, you can replace the icons with a custom icon of your own in Mac OS. I’m unsure if it’s possible in all versions or not, but you could try searching the internet for the same.

Thank you! I was able to change the icon manually. (See how.) It definitely looks better now, but I still could not get the sizing quite right. (Is the same size no matter how I resize the image.)

Try this: make the image file a png if it’s not one already. Then add some transparent padding to the image.
You can do this in Look for the “resize canvas” option in one of the menus on the top.

the current one is pretty dated. imo ask this guy if you can use his icon:

and if you want to use the icon right now @doughdrew , just find the icon in the link to him, then go to you applications folder, right click anki → get info, then drag the icon you downloaded onto the anki icon in the top left of the get info screen
(the icon is reset everytime you upgrade anki so you have to do this process again when you upgrade)

Thank you so much @ornfl! It’s a beautiful thing.

Great solution for the time being. Certainly understand this is not #1 or #2 or #40 priority in development, but at some point it would be cool to have the updated icon built into an update.