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[Feature Request] Big Sur Desktop Icon. Pleeease ^__^

Hey team,

I appreciate this is probably a super low priority to some, but now that macOS has unified the size and shape of all desktop icons, the Anki desktop icon really sticks out and disrupts the visual harmony of the app tray. It’s playing havoc with my OCD haha. :frowning:

This hasn’t really been an ‘issue’ up until now because no other apps had embraced these new unified icons. However, most apps have ‘caught up’ and are now using Big Sur desktop icons.

Would really really appreciate a refreshed design of the desktop app icon, please :slight_smile:


Thank you for your consideration! :smiley:

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There are several “Big sur icons” for Anki on the web, you can change it easily (How to change Mac app icons - 9to5Mac) for your installation.


Please. :innocent:

Download version 2.1.50 beta, you will be surprised.

No wayyy. Excited! :rofl:

I hope you’re not trolling haha. :crazy_face:

Thanks for letting me know.