New intro videos

Hi all,

I’ve started working on some new intro videos to replace the old ones from 2013. The first few are available here:

Constructive criticism welcome, as I’m pretty new at this.

My focus will be on the basics rather than a deep dive - things like basic card template editing and the main screens like the study screen and browse screen. If you have any suggestions for things in particular that you think every user should know, please let me know.


super-duper quality for both video and audio. You don’t seem new at this! I guess you invested quite a few hours for that.

More hours than I’d care to admit! Funnily enough the most frustrating part was figuring out how to get YouTube to show some subtitles in a different position - I must have tried about 5 different tools and converters trying to get something working before resorting to manually editing the subtitle files.

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Nice and clear voice too :slight_smile: I see you’ve allowed translations to be uploaded. Will try to get some translations going for this. Thanks a lot!

Sadly YouTube are phasing that out:

If you’re able to download and translate a .vtt file I should still be able to add it after the 28th, but it will need to be done manually :frowning: