New Feature: Bidirectional cards for learning a language


I use ankiDroid on Android to learn a new language, and I find it really helpful. However, I’ve noticed that I have to enter each flashcard twice to make it work in both directions (e.g., German → Spanish and then again Spanish → German). This can be quite time-consuming.

Therefore, I would like to suggest introducing a feature that allows users to save flashcards in both directions simultaneously. This would make learning more efficient and user-friendly.

I hope you can consider this idea and perhaps implement it in a future update.

Thank you!

This is already possible.

In Anki you create a note that contains all information and the Programm creates one or more cards from this note.

There is already the Basic (and reversed card) note-type, that creates cards as you desire.

Please read the key concepts here:
Getting Started - Anki Manual.


Thank you! That’s a areally cool function :slight_smile:
Is it possible to change the order when viewing all cards? Because now they stick together and aren’t sorted alphabetically anymore

If you’re sorting on the sort field, they will be ordered alphabetically based on that field. It’s not possible to sort based on the question or answer I’m afraid.