New computer Anki shows no images

On my old Windows 8.1 PC I used anki on desktop only therefore did not sync with ankiweb.

I copied the Anki backup file from my old PC (which I have been using daily for 3 months) to the new Windows 8.1 PC and after installing the app and restoring my deck on the new computer then syncing with Ankiweb, all images show as the same tiny icon with no image (neither Ankiweb nor Anki desktop show images for this deck) however, text portions of the deck show.

This issue is on both desktop and Ankiweb.

Note: all images used are PNG files.

any ideas


As far as I know, automatic backups don’t contain any media files.

Since you didn’t sync with AnkiWeb, try to copy the media files manually.

Alternatively, use File - Export to make a copy of your collection with the media included.

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