New cards showing as long-overdue cards in ankimobile stats

Probably related to this on desktop: Anki 2.1.52 qt6 stats bug (Future due - Backlog)

On ankimobile (2.0.86), I go to the stats page for some decks and I see some supposedly very overdue old cards:

I’ve restarted ankimobile and my iphone, and run the “check database” function.

When I try to find the super old cards, to reset or change or remove them, they don’t seem to exist:

(notice how it’s only a few days instead of several hundred)

Also, this doesn’t happen on desktop (2.1.49), and the phantom cards seem to be associated with certain decks (not all subdecks have super old cards in the stats).

Turns out they’re (some of?) the new cards.

This is a shared deck I downloaded as an apkg a while ago, changed the note type on, but have done no reviews for (all cards are new):


I suspect there’s something in the code that includes new cards in the “future due” statistics, but doesn’t move them forward if they don’t get studied right away. I don’t think it affects all new cards though - I have decks with new cards that don’t exhibit this behavior. Maybe it’s only new cards that were downloaded from an apkg, or only new ones that had their note type changed in the past. Not sure how to narrow it down, but I’m guessing this is the same bug linked at the top.


Yep, it’s the same bug. Fix coming in the next update.

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