New cards settings don't work


I have a three decks of cards that i want to revise everyday but something is off and I don’t know how to fix it.

Everday i want to study 25 new cards from each deck (so 75 a day) and yesterday I change the settings of the deck to 25 new cards a day. With the first deck I had 25 new cards but with the second and third deck I only could do the cards that I learned yesterday.

the second problem is with the third deck; yesterday I only had 6 cards while I had 20 cards with the first and second (each) deck. And today I could only do the same 6 cards as yesterday (see above).

All the decks have the same settings so I don’t get why only the first deck is worked properly and with the second I don’t get new cards and with the third I don’t get enough cards and new cards.

That’s because the three decks are sharing the same group settings. If you want independent
counting for new cards, you can create new group settings for each deck.

okay thank you for repling so fast; so I now made a each deck their own optionsgroup by the settings. Do you mean that? If that is correct, I will have 25 cards each deck from to morrow on?

Actually, it doesn’t matter whether they share the same options group.
Counts are associated with decks. Your depiction sounds as if the three decks you mention share a common parent deck which also has a limit of 25. You have to increase this limit to more than the combined limits of the child decks (75 in your scenario).

okay so now I have increased the parent deck to 75 new cards a day and each child deck to 25 new cards a day.