Review limits bug

I’m using the v3 scheduler.

I have the following structure:


In this cenario, the number of cards is wrong.

I try to use many combinations, but not working.

I want to set 6 cards for “Vocabulario”, and 6 cards for “Frases”.

But even creating a separed groups for this decks, when i set the limits, the system show me a wrong number of new cards:

2023-09-05 00-46-44~1

Another strange behavior is the one in the gif below

2023-09-05 01-03-25

Important note:

My “card types” have a “Deck Override” option enabled. I don’t know if this is the source of problem.

If you want 6 cards each for the bottom 2 decks, you should ensure the top decks and bottom decks are using different presets, and then set the preset for the bottom 2 decks to be 6 cards.

Yes, i do this on the first GIF, the behavior is not like expected

The daily limit is not reset each time you change the options. If you have already reviewed 6 cards in a deck, and you change that deck’s limit to 6, you will see 0, because you’ve already done those cards. You’re seeing 0 in the upper decks when you make a change, because they or their children have already shown 6 cards that day.

This is not the case. Is a new deck and no study history. Please deep look the first gif. When i set the limit to 9999 the real number of cards in every deck apears.

After set default to all sub decks to eliminate any doubt, i choose one preset for “Frases” sub deck and another preset for “Vocabulario”. Even after do this, the system not have the expected behavior like you said.

I left the top 3 decks on the default (9999) preset, and set the bottom two decks to a different preset with a limit of 6 cards, and it works for me:


Ok, you right. On a new day, i set 6 cards, and works.

So i study this 12 cards. So now, i have 0 cards.

Them i go to preset, and change limit to 12. So i my mind, the system will show more 6 on each deck.

But he show me 6 in one and 4 for another.

If i study all of 6 cards on each deck, after increase the limit, why the system show me 4 in one, and 6 on another?

You don’t have any other new cards in that deck.

As i said, the problem is when we use ‘deck override’ option.

In this case, the “buried” card is in another deck, with their limits.

So if i have 1 card, with 6 notes, but 3 in one deck and 3 in another deck by “override deck” option, the system do not follow the limits of this decks as expected.

You can test with my deck:

In this case, to check 3 words and 3 phrases, the 3 phrases needs to be from different notes learned in the first 3 words.

When subdecks are constrained by parent limits, how many cards each shows will depend on the gather order you have selected, and how many cards are available after burying.