Need assistance for an auto-duplication of notes bug


I updated an old anki deck, using python + sql, in order to replace some text in all (~2300 notes)
Since then, I have a specific bug that’s quite problematic:
When I browse my notes, if I select a note (in a deck, or in a tag) and I then click on the “Whole collection” it automatically create a duplicate of the selected note with the same noteid. If I delete one, both are deleted. If I tag/flag one it applies to both.

I’m not sure it’s linked to my database modification, since it was only text replacement in the note table, but the timing fits.

Would somebody be able to help me correct the issue?

  • Anki 2.1.26 (was present in 2.1.15)
  • No addon
  • One card type and one note type
  • The “fix the database” option doesn’t correct the problem, only reverting to an old backup does.
  • I’m on mac, bug was reproduced on a friend’s computer, also a mac.

Thank you

I can’t reproduce the problem when clicking on cards in the browse screen using a copy of your AnkiWeb collection and the latest beta. Please try the beta, and if problems persist, try forcing a download from AnkiWeb to your local device.

Hi, thank you very much for your help, downloading the beta seems to have corrected the problem!

The root cause is your notes table appears to be have been created outside of Anki (eg via your script), and it does not have a primary key. You will need to fix this, or it will likely cause problems down the road.

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Thank for very much to have pointed me that out!

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hi, what version of anki do you currently using? i have the same problem and i’m not sure which version should i get (i’m currently using 2.1.9)