Need Anki field help

Hello friends. I am stuck the the following issue in Anki.

In above note I have 2 cards . I want to create a "card specific field ".
the above note will create cards. I want to make a field ( say purpose ) where I will put information regarding where I can use it. For 1st (name card ) I will put casual in purpose field. For 2nd I will put business , finance, etc in field. so whenever I want to look through my business notes from different decks I can simply search in purpose field.
It’s there in image occlusion . I want it to create for cloze

Correction : title : how to win friends and influence people

Not entirely sure if this is possible. You will probably need to create a notetype for each cloze (one notetype for “name” and another notetype for “profit”).

Why don’t you just put the information (for “name” and for “profit”) in the extra field? So, something like this:


Profit: blah blah blah

Oops, I don’t think I understood your question well. Perhaps see the following?

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