Native IO Long Images are blurry in edit view


I use long images for IO and while editing them I find the images as blurry (although they appear to be normal on the review screen) and the cloze boxes too big.

Is this a bug to be fixed or is anything wrong from my end?


Could we trouble you to move one example card to a new deck, export it to an .apkg, and share the link here (or privately) so we can try to reproduce the problem?

I’m not sure how to share the link but if you just take a very long screenshot let’s say about 3 pages of any standard book, you would be able to reproduce my problem.


@dae Any luck?

I have reproduced the issue and logged it on Native IO Long Images are blurry in add/edit view · Issue #3037 · ankitects/anki · GitHub. This may not be easy to fix I’m afraid, as it looks to be a technical issue with the way I/O is implemented.

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