Native implementation of Load Balance

Let’s discuss this: load balancer! by jakeprobst · Pull Request #3230 · ankitects/anki · GitHub. TLDR: Load Balance is an upcoming feature. It will make the number of reviews per day more consistent, like on the image below (left - no Load Balance, right - with Load Balance)

I made a survey, here:

  1. Should Load Balance be enabled by default? I say yes because there are no (known) downsides
  2. Should there be an extra option for balancing siblings? Another user said
  • some people want to keep the siblings separated as far as possible even if it means that the load is not perfectly balanced while
  • other people want to keep the load perfectly balanced even if they get siblings on the same day.

Personally, I think there should only be one option - toggle Load Balance on/off.


(wtf you created a different topic :skull: man I had to delete mine. I thought you’ll just post there.)

  1. Some people don’t want Load Balance to be normally applied to sibling cards. Because this can mean due dates of sibling cards might end up getting closer to each other which leads to memory interference. This is generally the case for reverse cards that test you on the same piece of knowledge.

  2. Some people on the other hand don’t mind Load Balancing applied to sibling cards. This will be people using Image Occlusion cards, cloze cards that are part of the same note but test you on different facts. This group doesn’t mind due dates of sibling cards getting closer to each other as their sibling cards test them on completly different pieces of knowledge.

Remember you can have decks where you’d want load balancing to ignore sibling cards and decks where you don’t mind load balancing acting on sibling cards.

@Expertium what do you think? make changes as you see fit. (but don’t remove facts please, if possible make the context clearer)

Sorry, I didn’t notice your topic

If you want me to make changes to the survey (I assume that’s what you want), please make it more specific. Ideally, write a sentence or two that I can just copy-paste into the survey.

If you want to copy paste, do it. Ideally everything I write above the horizontal line should replace the two points you mention. Also include the para in the bottom.

By the way, do you know what @user1823 is called in the forums?

Nope, no idea. I don’t know if he uses forums, Reddit, or Discord.
EDIT: alright, I clarified things in the survey, thank you

@Expertium Can you put the poll in a more visible position in OP? It’s below everything as a minor edit.

Edit: You forgot to change the options in last question. Now the description above uses a particular sort of wording and the options in the last question uses a different kind of wording.

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For the question of enabeling it by default, I think if it is, it will be confusing to people who are beginning to use anki.
They could ask themselves whether or not the algorithm is really working and not just wanting to shom them 27 cards a day for the whole week

This will not happen.

  1. Load Balance isn’t perfect. If it was, even I would think it’s suspicious.

  2. Balancing doesn’t happen for the review that graduates a card for some reason. (Is this what you were trying to say in discord?)

  3. If you miss a day the reviews you will get next day will be lesser, according to my understanding.

Point is, it still isn’t sooo perfect that beginners start doubting the algorithm.

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@expertium can you changing the wording in the last options to something like, “apply load balancing to sibling cards” and then the negative of that.

I did, refresh the page. Also, I deleted all responses since I changed a lot. Well, there were only 3 responses anyway

I was seeing a different thing after every refresh lol. Anyways, the wording “allow siblings to appear on same day” is still confusing because there’s burying option and the cause of concern I already explained so I think it’s better to just remove that.

Keep the stuff in brackets and delete the rest?

Then it won’t be clear what the outcome is

Outcome is better explained in the para above it.

One more thing, you said “cloze cards that are part of the same note but test you on different material” in the description above it. The second point. Don’t you think material is a confusing word? say fact or maybe just the vague word “things”. That sounds better.

Edit: Just to confirm, isn’t the first question about whether users should be provided with an option to toggle load balancing?

@Expertium Shouldn’t the question just ask people whether they will like to turn this feature off? Because I’ll say, to the jeopardy of new users most daily and frequent users of Anki prefer more options. More options is more freedom to them. Perhaps that’s not the right question to ask? If we find that almost nobody has a problem with Load Balancing then it should be a default feature. No need to make new users take additional steps to get something this useful.

Don’t we all agree that it’s better to have the option ? Maybe what we should ask is if there was not an option to toggle it, what would they like best

Expertium disagrees because too confusing for new users. He wants less options.

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What do you think of my suggestion? I believe the first question should be reworded.
(Btw, I accidently submitted my response twice, I was just testing :frowning: )