My decks dissapear after imporitng an anki deck

I use Windows and sometimes when I download a anki deck, my decks dissapear from my menu but i can se all the decks in explore
The only thing that I can do is go to the backup to get my decks again on my main menu

I’m just a user.

I had a similar problem once and it helped to disable the graphics acceleration.


There’s this official documentation:

Hardware acceleration defaults to off on Windows and Linux. Enabling it in the preferences screen and restarting Anki may make Anki’s interface more responsive, but some users may experience missing menubars, blank windows or crashes when it is enabled.

On Windows if you’re unable to get to Anki’s preferences screen and restarting Anki a few times does not help, you may need to manually adjust the graphics driver. You can do this by starting cmd.exe and typing the following:

echo auto > %APPDATA%\Anki2\gldriver

There are three settings you can try: ‘auto’, ‘angle’, and ‘software’. If you have problems both when hardware acceleration is turned on and turned off in the preferences, it’s worth giving ‘angle’ a go.

I would also make sure to run the latest Anki version which is 2.1.35 at the moment.


Does this solve the problem?


It might be the same issue.