Deck list is blank

My decks are not showing on the main page so I cannot go through and review my cards. It is just blank and I have no clue why. I have tried using the earlier version and it shows the same thing; it is still blank. When I go to browse, all of my downloaded and created decks are shown there but I do not see anything on the main page. I can still create new decks, just cannot see any of them on the front page. Any ideas on what the problem would be?

The method Anki uses to send the deck list to the web toolkit can’t cope with very large deck lists. This may be fixed in the future when a different approach is taken, but for now I’m afraid the only option is to reduce the number of decks and/or the length of the names until it starts working again. You could either split unused decks off into a separate profile with export+delete+import, or merge the child decks using

I just added a pretty large deck to my Anki (5gb) and after doing so I cannot see my home screen anymore. after adding the deck all I have is a grey screen with decks/add/browse/stats/sync on top and get started/create deck etc at the bottom. Otherwise the whole screen is grey and clicking on decks does not take me anywhere. everything else works fine, I just cannot see my decks so basically cannot study. I do have the 60 add ons for Anki with an image and the heatmap so I am not sure if adding the decks messed with them but everything seems to be running smoothly. I have no idea what happened.

Have you tried to start Anki without add-ons? (Hold down shift key when starting)

Please see Decks not showing

Thanks dae for all your work on Anki!

I was curious if this bug is fixed in later versions of anki?

I am experiencing it currently on 2.1.44.

I’m doing med school with a bunch of plug ins and always scared to update Anki in case one of the many add-ons breaks, but would update for this!

Thanks for any insight. Appreciate this open source community!!

It should be fixed in the 2.1.50 betas.