My Anki Decks Have Disappeared ! Help

Everything was going lovely ! But today I decided download a deck to my anki and all hell broke loose. Now my decks don’t show up my screen looks like this !

. The only way that I can see my decks is when I click on “Browse” then all of my decks are there. There is no way that I can review them like that. Here is a picture of the “Browse” . How do I get my decks to work like normal again. Please help

have you tried restarting anki?
if it didn’t help you can also install another version of anki or a beta

I restarted Anki but there was no difference. What version of Anki would you recommend, I have the latest version and I use a PC

Do you have a very large number of decks? You can check by opening the browse screen. If you have many thousands of decks, you may have exceeded the amount that can be rendered using Anki’s current deck rendering code.

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