Deck disappeared I don't know what to do

I wanted to click on my deck but instead I accidentally dragged it over the screen and then it suddenly said smth along the lines off “Renamed deck”. I haven’t been using anki for long, maybe 1 week. I tried a backup but nothing happens because techincally, the deck is still there, I just can’t see it for whatever reason. When I click on study deck and choose the one I’m missing, it even opens the deck, but as soon as I go back to decks, it’s not showing up. I don’t know what to do. edit: just noticed I can see it on ankiweb but when it opens the app. Edit 2: Nevermind I figured it out

The deck probably became a subdeck of some other deck and it’s now under that deck. If you don’t see it in the main screen, just collapse all deck trees by clicking the + symbol to the left of deck names and you should find it.

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