My apkg can not display image normally

I change the extension from .apkg to rar to check where is wrong.I only found everything seems right photos are in the files and media file is right.Here is my media opened with text.
{“0”: “1.png”, “1”: “2.png”, “2”: “3.png”, “3”: “4.png”, “4”: “5.png”, “5”: “6.png”, “6”: “7.png”, “7”: “8.png”, “8”: “9.png”, “9”: “10.png”, “10”: “11.png”, “11”: “12.png”, “12”: “13.png”, “13”: “14.png”, “14”: “15.png”, “15”: “16.png”, “16”: “17.png”, “17”: “18.png”, “18”: “19.png”, “19”: “20.png”, “20”: “21.png”}

When you import the file into a new profile and use Tools>Check Media, what does it say?

There are many media absented in my anki.But I check there is no information about absent image in this apkg file.