My anki stop to work on Linux Debian 12(bookworm)

Hello everyone,

I was using anki 2.1.65 on Debian 11 and it was working but now after update my linux It has stopped to work. I was using anki with Qt5, I tried to uninstall again, I tried to install anki with Qt6 but it doesn’t work too, can someone help me?
When a run it on terminal there is the fallowing message:
~$ Anki starting…
Initial setup…
Running with temporary Qt5 compatibility shims.
Run with DISABLE_QT5_COMPAT=1 to confirm compatibility with Qt6.
Preparing to run…
Qt warning: Could not connect “org.freedesktop.IBus” to globalEngineChanged(QString)
Starting main loop…

The window displays correctly for me on a Debian 12 install here. You may find switching to software graphics helps.

Thank you very much.

I was using software graphics all along, but tried the config file with ‘software’, as suggested in the link, but it did not help. I get a menubar with the ‘File’ etc. entries, but otherwise, the window is empty. Yes, I am using the nouveau driver, as I had massive troubles with the nvidia driver and generally like Open Source better. What else can I try?

Assuming you’re using the Qt6 version, I can’t think of anything else except trying the nvidia drivers. If you’re using Qt5, it may be Blank Main Window - Anki Manual

My bad. I was running the Qt5 version. The Qt6 version works as much as the Qt5 version worked before the upgrade. Thank you!

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