My Anki keeps processing new add-ons

I don’t know what happenned to my anki, but in the last few days, when i try to add a new add-on, it keeps processing forever, and then I need to Force Ending the app on my mac to keep using, because it bugs all Anki app.

I already tried to reinstall it, but it keeps the same problem. Anyone know how can i fix it?

Do you really need all those add-ons? I would start deactivating all the add-ons I don’t really need.

Please start Anki while holding down the shift key to disable all add-ons, then see if the problem persists.

Good morning. I tried, but it still the same problem…

Did you try the latest Anki version yet?

Yep. Unfortonately it does not change nothing :frowning:

Please, check out your firewall rules or antivirus.

Confere seu antivirus. Já tive algo assim e era pelo meu vpn, por exemplo.

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