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My Anki is corrupted

I don’t know what happens. I also tried to disable all add-ons and delete all files to install “fresh” Anki but none of it works :frowning:

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Have you tried to change de video driver?

6. Change the Video Driver
On Windows and Linux, crashes and display issues can be caused by the video driver. Changing to a different video driver in the preferences screen or via the gldriver file may help. On Windows, make sure you try all three options.
When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, I have tried but it didn’t work. I remember yesterday I deleted some applications but I dont remember what it is :frowning: I am dowloading the macos installer, hope it can fix

The broken image icon is usually antivirus/firewall/proxy or VPN software.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Turn out the problem is the VPN software, I uninstalled VPN software ( and restart the computer. And it works!!!

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