My Anki doesn't have the option for 'hard' questions?

Hi I am super new to anki and I was watching a few tutorial videos and they guy in the video had a ‘hard interval’ and I don’t have that option? I don’t know if it an add on, but I cannot find any answers on reddit and every time I google it I just get how to use it.

Depending on whether you use the new or the old scheduler for cards the “hard” option can appear at different times.

At the latest, the option will appear on the second presentation of the card. It is not an Add-on. Maybe wait until tomorrow? I guess the option should appear on the cards you’ll have to review then.

AnkiMobile doesn’t currently show the hard interval in the study options screen. You can change it using the computer version, and then sync to AnkiMobile and it will pick up the changes. An update to the screen is coming, and it will include the hard interval.