Multiple tags in same imported text

In the online docs:

Adding Tags

If you want to add ‘tag1’ and ‘tag2’ to every line you’re importing, add the following to the top of the text file: tags:tag1 tag2

Does that mean that I can insert tags per sections and Anki will tag accordingly the section of the text file I am tagging?


What happens when you take the blue pill?;The story ends.
What happens when you take the red pill; You stay in Wonderland.

Will I see two cards, one tagged “blue” and the other “red”? No, it doesn’t so I have to cut my imports in multiple files.

Wouldn’t it be possible for the parser to recognize tag as a keyword and retag appropriately. My suggestion would be to use new meta keywords such as tag after the ‘#’ comment character similar to wha is done with the Go language, so tag can also be used as content in a card.

You can’t specify separate sections, but every line can list tags in a separate column.

Thanks guys I found out almost randonmly by importing a line with 3 items and seeing the bugger ask me for the 3rd field to be a tag. Not bad.