Multiple Choice without randomization


is it possible to make Multiple Choice cards like that without the randomization stuff? Unfortunately the link in the post doesnt work anymore :frowning:

Tyvm in advance :slight_smile:

I prefer MCQs with Randomized Choices. It makes you pay attention to all the choices available and remember them.

Yeah I really want them ordered, cause there are only a few (and the same) answer possibilities to all question in this specific case anyways.
As an example:
Is person A in group
Reordering the group numbers now just messes with ur head.

Okay I managed to delete the reordering in another addon. But I would still be interested in the code of the link above, cause these cards look really good. If anyone has it and is willing to share pls let me know :slight_smile:

Could you please paste the link to the add-on that you found?

sure, here u go Multiple Choice for Anki - AnkiWeb

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