Randomize lists with 2.1.43?

Hi, I would need to do EXACTLY what this add on does:


Unfortunately, it seems that the add on doesn’t work with 2.1.43. Other multiple choice addons, like this:
Are not suitable for my needs, because I have thousands of cards with lists already made, and I would take ages manually converting them to individual fields, as required in that add-on.

Is there any other simple way of randomizing lists over there? Any plans of implementing basic multiple choice question support in future versions?


MCQ’s are not the most effective way to quiz yourself, and changing up the order but keeping the distractors the same is only going to partially help. Please see Multiple choice questions - Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, that’s absolutely right, I fully understand the reasons why MCQ is not supported directly in Anki.

However, I have thousands of cards in that format, converting them to simple Q/A cards is not an option to me (and wouldn’t work in many cases, due of the nature of the contents of many cards) and I still would love to use them in Anki; even with its inherent limitations that would be super useful to me.

I think you could achieve what you want with Closet For Anki - AnkiWeb, and some Search & Replace.

Could you upload some of your cards, I’d like to take a look at them?


Thanks very much!

I’ve been experimenting with Closet for anki with limited success. For some reason Anki got really slow after installing the plugin and randomization worked well only for some note types, but not for others.

I just need to keep experimenting with the plugin, it looks like an excellent one.

Thanks again

Well, for some reason note types that were modified with Closet are not visible in Ankidroid anymore, even after deleting the code added by the plugin and uninstalling closet and the requiered plugins.

Closet is only compatible with ankidroid 2.15, which is still in Alpha, so that’s to be expected. It’s odd though that they don’t work even after deleting the code. Did you delete the line which says @import url=__closet.js (or something like that)?

And which note types did you have issues with, and why?

Edit: Just remembered, the AnkiDroid issue with visibility is due to something in the __closet.css file. (Something with MathJax). There’ll be an import statement for it at the beginning of the styling section in the template, delete that line and you should be good.

Hello, sorry for my bad english, i´m from Spain.

I use anki 2.1.43 and Randomize list.

You must install the addon “Cookie Monster” too.

Good luck.

I just remade the note type and change the cards, that’s not a problem, thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s a test deck with an example of non-working note type. For some reason, the I can’t make the plugin to shuffle a a list with cards made with this particular note type, maybe you would like to take a look.

Thanks again!

Hola Fricoberto! :wink:

Thanks for letting me know that Insert Randomized Lists (multiple choice) plugin is working for you, I’ve tried again following all the instructions and installing the cookie plugin, but I’m unable to make it work, even with the simplest card.

I even can’t make the plugin to show the list in yellow!

Could you please send me a sample card so I can check if I’m doing something wrong or someting is wrong with my system?

Muchas gracias!

There are unclosed <div> tags in the card template, which interferes with the insertion of the script, I think. Add the </div> tags in appropriate places and it works.

Also, it would be best to remove the styling in the div tags and use the styling section instead:)

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Yes, that worked! Thanks very much :grinning:

Unfortunately it’s only a partial solution for me, since shuffled cards can still not be seen in Ankidroid, which is essential to me. Will be closet fully supported in the next Ankidroid version?

As a temporal workaround I can use the shuffled note types when working on the desktop version, change the note types of all cards to my original note type if I’m going to work on ankidroid and so on, which kind of works, but it’s a little bit cumbersome and leave the [[mix1::]] code in the cards to be seen in Ankidroid. Is there any way I can see the modified type notes in Ankidroid?

(As you can see I don’t have any idea about HTML / CSS, I guess I should learn just a little bit…) :expressionless:

Closet is only compatible with ankidroid 2.15, which is still in Alpha

You can download an Alpha build from here


I’ve long forgotten how to program VBA in Excel, but that might be the 5-minute method of converting thousands of 1-to-many cards to many-to-many.

  • Export the cards to Excel.
  • I’m assuming that Row 1, Col 1 will contain Q1, and that Row 1, Col 2 will contain A1.
  • And Row 2, Col 1 will be blank. Row 2, Col 2 will contain A2. And so on.
  • Start recording an Excel macro.
  • Copy the value in Row 1, Col 1. Paste that value to Row 2, Col 1 (if it’s blank).
  • And so on for blanks in Col 1.
  • Stop the macro (!)
  • Open VBA editor.
  • Add looping, branching, and conditional statements.
  • Add termination statement.
    Import the CSV file (or whatever).

Hello again,

Isn´t important that you see the complement in yellow, neither do I.

What you can see is the text, the option lines activated with the indent to the right.

I didn’t have to do any strange conversion with VBA or Excel.

Try making a new card with the plugin in a test deck. Then preview the card or study it, and you can see how the plugin "Randomize alters the positions of the multiple answers.

I make new cards with Randomize List and Anki 2.1.43. I export them to another computer with Anki 2.1.19 and also study on my mobile with AnkiDroid, and it works very well !!!.

Shallash, I’ve installed the alpha version, it worked OK in my phone (Android 10), but It randomized the list twice, first when showing the question, then again after pressing “Show answer”. Not really a problem, it’s just that I don’t know if this is a known limitation of the alpha versions, or if I’m doing something wrong.
Then I tried the same on my tablet (Android 8.0), which is the device I use for Ankidroid and it didn’t worked at all: Ankidroid just don’t show the suffled cards on that system again. I tried different builds with this device: no luck.

OldGrantonian, yes, you’re right there are ways of converting my cards from MCQ to Q/A, what I wanted to say is that they were simply designed as MCQ, and converting them to Q/A simple doesn’t make sense due to the nature of many of the cards.

Fricoberto, I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, I just followed the instructions on the web and was able to make that plugin work. A sample card would be a great help.

In summary, I desist temporarily, will try again in a few days; I need to concentrate in my study, and I’m finding the whole thing really difficult to solve for an average, non technical user. However, I still think that a native, simple support of list-randomization would be a great addition to Anki that would benefit a lot of users.

Thanks everyone, great community here. :grinning:

Well, I really needed this feature to work, so finally, after learning a little bit of html / css / regex (:crazy_face:), I’ve converted my entire collection to the format required in Closet. Here are a couple of comments that maybe can be useful for non technical users like me, with the same need:

  • The randomize function works beautifully in Anki desktop. Thanks very much to Henrik for his brilliant work!
  • It also works pretty well in Ankidroid 2.15 alpha on a phone with Android 10. I’ve found a couple of bugs and annoyances (when editing a card, the the deck info is wrong, the randomization occurs when showing the card, and then again when pressing “Show Answer” and some cards with html content are not displayed correctly), but it’s an still perfectly usable even if i’ts still an alpha version. So, kudos to the Ankidroid team also!
  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t work at all with Ankidroid 2.15 alpha running on my Android 8 tablet.