Mp3 files not working in Anki 2.1.28

So, many cards i use, involves mp3 files, which are necessary to answer the card.

I am not able to play them on AnkiDesktop after updating to 2.1.28

They all play fine on AnkiMobile( though. Please help!

Thank you for your help & time.

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Does Tools>Check Media report any files as missing? If you drag an mp3 file onto mpv.exe in Anki’s program folder, does it play? If not, what does it say?


Thank you damien for your reply.

I ran ‘check media’ Mp3 files are not missing, also they are present in media folder where anki stores media. Here is the attachment:
Annotation 2020-07-23 164856

I dragged the mp3 file into mpv player, it ran fine through that too.

What’s surprising is, now all audio files are running fine, both in preview and review screen!

I think Check media does something as a fix?!

But in all this process, i found an another bug, audio doesn’t stop after closing the preview screen[It continues to run after closing preview screen & stops only after its runtime]

And Thank you for this solution!

BTW i really liked this new Forum website(:

Keep up the good work!

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About the original issue, if it happens again, try to close Anki and create mpv.conf in %APPDATA%\Anki2 with autoload-files=no option to prevent automatically loading external audio or subtitle files, or download it as zip from this gist.

The %APPDATA%\Anki2 folder can be opened, for example, by clicking and editing the address bar in Windows Explorer or using Win+R or Win+S (or Win) shortcuts and pasting %APPDATA%\Anki2.

Something similar happened to me yesterday and again today. In my case, after restarting Windows and opening Anki, it could take about a minute to hear the sound for the first time, probably due to the folder containing a lot of files, slow HDD speed and high disk usage by external apps. But once it happens, the auduo seems to work fine for every new card or after restarting Anki.



You introduced me again to one of your useful, shiny piece of code.

Thank you so much (:smile:

Also, after I complete my current study, i would try to learn how to code, so that i can become like you and damien & write cool stuff!

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