Many media files missing/unused v2.1.28

After the new update, I thought all my audio files had stopped working. Coming here, I followed one instruction given to another user and went to Tools > Check Media. Apparently there are many audio and images filing missing. It all works fine on mobile, works fine on Ankiweb. It also all works fine when I downgrade to 2.1.25 (which I do not wish to do). I`m unsure as to how to proceed now.

I also feel like I should mention that after the update, I tried to make also a new card with an audio file and its audio file also did not play, nor in the card, nor in the preview.

Edit: I’ve just went into the media folder, and all the files are there. The mp3 files also play if I drag them to mpv.exe in the program folder. They just won’t play in the actual desktop application.

If it’s the same issue,

If it’s a different issue, add the following lines in mpv.conf, replace <username> to make the valid path and save it, restart Anki, review a card, wait a few seconds and upload mpv.log.txt from your desktop folder somewhere, or maybe it can be added as a spoiler.


If it’s the same issue, it’ll end with this line and adding autoload-files=no to mpv.conf should be able to fix it.

[ 6.645][v][find_files] Loading external files in C:\Users\Nickolay\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\User 1\\


Seems it was the same as the first issue. Old and new files seem to be working fine now. Thank you immensely.