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Move cards to the end of a session?

Hi, I use Anki (among other things) as a prompt for when to practise piano pieces. So it’s not a classic question-answer format, but when the card comes up, I practise the piece, then select when I want to practise it next.

My problem is that one of the hardest pieces I’m learning always seems to be displayed first, before the others. And because it’s the hardest, I actually want to practise it last, once I’ve warmed up.

Is there any way of making sure a card is always shown at the end of a study session?

Assuimg you’re using V3 scheduler, you may try:

Deck options > Review sort order > Descending ease.

You can also experiment with the other options availiable (ex Descending intervals)

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Other options are to put it in a different deck, or to bury it and then unbury it at the end.