Mouse event stops working when drag-drop image

Not a critical bug, but in specific circumstances, mouse event stops working in the main window, center webview. Which means you can’t click deck names in overview screen, show context menu on right click, etc. The top bar and the bottom bar webview still works.

How to reproduce this issue

  1. Add a card with an image
  2. Review the card in reviewer
  3. Open the editor
  4. Drag drop the image from the editor to the reviewer (This doesn’t actually do anything)
  5. Drag an image within the reviewer

→ All Mouse event stops working

You can do other things between 4 and 5 and the bug still occurs

Affected versions

I can reproduce this bug from as early as 2.1.45, to 2.1.53rc1. This bug does not exist in 2.1.40 because the main webview waits for the edit to finish in that version. Meaning no image in the main webview to drag.

Edit: Actually I can reproduce this bug in 2.1.40, by dragging an image from the browser editor, then dragging the image in the reviewer before the webview shows ‘waiting for editing to finish’.

m1 MacOS 12.3.1


Added to Dragging images in the reviewer can break mouse input · Issue #1888 · ankitects/anki · GitHub