Modified date unchanged and update available forever


I uploaded my own .ankiaddon to AnkiWeb for updating and was able to install the updated files using Anki. But the modified date on AnkiWeb was not changed, and also in Anki’s ‘Check for Updates’ feature the add-on is remaining as ‘update available’. I tried to install it several times but it’s still remaining. In addition, one more add-on is remaining as well at the same time. No problem with this issue?

Today I updated my add-on, but the date at the top of the site has not updated.

Please try uploading the file again now, and let me know if any issues persist.

Thank you. I have reuploaded my add-on file, and the modified date on AnkiWeb has been updated accordingly. Plus, my add-on has been successfully cleared from the update add-ons list in Anki after its download was completed.

Let me share that some add-ons are still listed after being downloaded. It seems that this will persist unless their creators reupload them.

@dae, I believe it resolved.
But I ended up creating another “branch” unnecessary. is there a way to remove this?


@piccori if you’d like me to try to correct that, please provide the add-on ids. I’m reluctant to correct in in bulk, as I don’t want people to have to download updates if they don’t need to.

@cjdduarte I’m afraid the system doesn’t currently support removing branches.

Thank you for helping. Regarding users downloading add-ons, the “Update Add-ons” window is automatically and periodically displayed when Anki is launched, so not addressing this may actually be increasing the download volume for users.

As far as I know, the add-on ID is 992153575. There was another one, but it seems to have been reuploaded already (this appears to have caused a user to give the add-on a low rating). No problem for sharing the information I know, and you are free to choose not to deal with, taking into consideration what you are aware of.

I’ve updated the modification time on that add-on. If anyone notices any other affected add-ons, please let me know.

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