How to update my existing add-on?

On my add-on’s page, there’s an Update button but it allows me to update only name, description, etc. How do I update its code, i.e., upload a replacement .ankiaddon?

When you upload a different .ankiaddon file, your addon code/file is updated.

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OK, but how does ankiweb determine that my upload is an update of my existing add-on rather than a new one? Does the update’s .ankidaddon file have to have the existing add-on’s ID number as the initial part of its name? Or does ankiweb use the uploaded add-on’s name specified on the upload form to compare against existing add-on names? Or… ?

Sorry, reading my previous comment again I can see how it could be interpreted that way.

In your existing addon’s page, after you click update, you should see a ‘choose file’ button above where you write descriptions. You can upload your addon there.


Ah! I overlooked that the page had a big “Update” title at the top and button at the bottom. I should change my moniker to “Overlooker”.