Cannot update my own add-on

I’m the author of Life Drain (715575551).

I just made some changes in my add-on to make it work with the newest Anki 23.10, but even after logging into my AnkiWeb account, I cannot find the button to update the add-on. The button disappeared. It’s like I’m not the owner of the add-on anymore.

I am logged in with the correct account.

Recently I changed my e-mail address, might that be related to the issue?

Seems that it is fixed now. Not sure if it was thanks to my message here or it was some kind of maintenance. Thanks anyway.

I noticed AnkiWeb started to cache things more in the recent frontend update, so the Update button may not appear immediately after you log in and you need to refresh the page (while holding Ctrl to disable caching) for the button to appear.


Yep, no changes on my end - you probably just needed to force-refresh the page or wait 10 minutes after logging in.