AnkiWeb: Only update the add-on modification date upon uploading a new build

Quick suggestion regarding AnkiWeb:

Ever since the recent-ish major update, the Modified column for add-ons (and possibly decks) seems to report any updates to the listing, e.g. changing the description or title. In the past, the modification time would only be updated when uploading a new add-on build, and the Modified column would essentially be in sync with the latest update time across all add-on branches.

I would personally vote to return to the old behavior, if we can. IMHO the current one is confusing to users as they can no longer quickly gauge whether an add-on has actually been updated or, e.g., just a typo fixed in the description text. It could lead to scenarios where users see an add-on pop up as recently modified and then wonder why they have not received an update, yet. It also makes it harder to discover new add-ons as their visibility is reduced even further.

Looking at other app / add-on / plug-in stores, it seems like the previous behavior is what’s typically used, so I think it would make sense to do the same.


Please try again now.

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Can confirm that the mod date remains the same now when updating the description. Thanks for changing this so quickly!