Mobile and Desktop different new card count

@cqg It’s not a subdeck, I don’t have any subdecks actually.

Today, again all weird. I have 8 decks, but only “Chinese” is affected.

Situation today of Chinese deck (including ankiweb this time)

  • Desktop: 50 reviews
  • Ankiweb: 50 reviews
  • Mobile: 63 reviews

@Morc Thanks for letting me know, so it might be something outside of my setup

@cqg Forcing a full sync, you mean a one way sync overwrite? Which way should I go then, from desktop or from mobile?

I would download your collection from Ankiweb to mobile, making previously a manual backup in mobile, just in case.

How can I do it on mobile though?

In the desktop, I can easily force a sync and select pull from Ankiweb, done that.

But on mobile (iOS), I go to settings, Syncing, Full Sync, and he warns me, but nothing happens then, and when I press sync, still nothing, just a normal sync. He doesn’t ask me if I want to pull or push.

Is that version on mobile broken?

After reviewing 3 cards on Anki desktop and syncing, then syncing on Mobile, it finally appeared. I selected Sync from AnkiWeb and now it seems to be all in sync.

This seems to be the solution then. Thank you @cqg for the help, appreciate it!

Ok, false alarm. It really is broken still.

It showed the proper numbers (43 on desktop, web and mobile), but after finishing all 43 reviews on the Desktop and syncing, now mobile still shows 13 reviews.

I have no idea what I can do. This is even after the forced sync from Ankiweb

If you sync with AnkiWeb, could you let me know the email you sync with in a private message so I can try to reproduce the problem? If you’re using the v2 scheduler, can you reproduce it when switching to v3? The 2021 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

Hi Dae,

I’m having the same problem with v3 scheduler. I can send you my email in a pm if that helps.

Can you send me a pm so I can reply? Can’t seem to find the private message button but I can see the inbox…Thanks

@chino Ok, assuming you’re already using v3, I suspect this boils down to a bug-fix to the v3 scheduler that has made it into a stable AnkiMobile release but hasn’t yet made it into a stable desktop release. New cards that have been reviewed that day now contribute to the daily review limit, which could result in a different number of remaining cards if new cards had been reviewed that day.

@Morc I was able to grab your collection, but you appear to have high limits set, and I don’t see any difference in the counts across the platforms. Could you explain the issue you’re having in more detail?

@dae I think I’m too new here, can’t send private messages yet. Please write me so I can respond.

Today, the count was on par all devices, and after finishing reviewing all on desktop, mobile also set to 0.

Hi Dae,

It was the same issue as chino - where I’d have the sibling cards (of cloze deletions) buried on desktop but not on mobile.

Example: I have 20 new cards and 2 have siblings, meaning I should do 18 today and the 2 new siblings tomorrow. But on desktop it shows 0 tomorrow, but they appear on mobile.

To confirm, are you saying the siblings are not being automatically unburied the next day on the computer, but are being unburied on AnkiMobile? Are you leaving Anki open overnight?

Yes, that is correct. I am not leaving anki open overnight

Ok, thanks for confirming. I will post back here once a new beta is available to test with - hopefully it should be ready in the next week.


Having same issue.

I am also having the same issue. Any help would be so grateful. I have about 6000 cards that i need to get through this month and everday I do about 1000+ and my mobile never syncs with my desktop version and now my desktop version somehow reset itself. I have no idea what is going on, please advise

Also I see that my desktop anki is syncing properly to my ankiweb, but it does not sync properly to my anki mobile. My anki mobile has way more cards for review.

In addition, I do see that on my desktop I have anki scheduler 2.1 scheduler enabled. I am not sure if that is causing the issue?

I’ve created a separate post to track this issue: Inconsistent card counts when syncing