Missing fields only on iOS


I’m using the anking step 2 v4 deck. The extra fields on the back of the card appear correctly in the desktop app. However on the mobile app, the fields do not appear at all. I’m not sure if the card formatting is the issue because the formatting is fine for the desktop. I’m not able to post the entire formatting because of post restrictions, but I’ve included the fields portions.


{{#First Aid}}
First Aid
{{/First Aid}}

{{#First Aid}}First Aid
{{edit:First Aid}}
{{/First Aid}}


{{#Sketchy}} Sketchy

Probably this line in the styling section:

.clozefield, .mobile .editcloze { display: none; }

@AnKingMed I presume this has already been resolved in more recent updates?

This does not look like the latest version of my note type. I would recommend updating to the latest version

Otherwise we can look into it: www.ankingmed.com/memberships