Problem with Anking deck

Hi currently having some problems while using the Anking premade deck on my phone. I have received an error notification saying that the back template has a problem *Found ‘{{#Lecture Notes}}’, but there is no field called Lecture Notes"

This is the only thing that includes “Lecture Notes” on the back template. Could someone help me with what I would need to edit to fix the error message?


{{#Lecture Notes}}

{{hint:Lecture Notes}}
{{/Lecture Notes}}

You should probably ping @AnKingMed so he can help you directly.

Removing the quoted text should resolve the issue.

I’ve tried removing every combination of lecture notes in addition to removing it completely but once I do that, it pops up a similar message for the next set of text for Anking’s additional resources.

It sounds like your card templates are referencing a number of fields that don’t exist. Presumably they weren’t originally like that, so maybe this is a result of importing changes with an add-on? @AnKingMed may be able to shed more light on the situation.

In the mean time, if you only have two fields on your notes, one way to fix the problem would be to select the cards in the browse screen, then use Change Notetype to move them to a new Cloze notetype.

This doesn’t sound like my current note type… it sounds like someone may have copied and pasted stuff from one of mine or it’s a really old type or something like that. Can you provide more details like what the note type name is, where you got it, and perhaps maybe attach an example note so we can download and see the rest of the details

Of course! Just to clarify, this is a premade deck from another med student at my school; however, they used the Anking cloze type cards. This problem only occurs on the iOS version of anki and not on the computer.

After testing all the different card types, I found out that it was labeled under “Cloze-AnkingMed” and this might have been an older version of the cloze card.

I agree with dae that the fastest solution would be to change all the cards. Here is the link to a downloadable anki deck with one testable card with the defective note type. **

Thank you for all your help and please let me know if you need anything else! : )**