{{minor issues}} tag layouts

Visual Issue 1

Anki doesn’t remember if you chose to hide the collapse the tag bar. this applied to the editor and the browser

is this the intended behaviour?

Visual Issue 2

tags are cropped in the browser.

i tried dragged it upwards, but it just snaps back to its original cropped position.

Another very minor issue for which i did not want to create an entire new topic

  • go to deck options
  • pick an option which allows you to decrement values (e.g. scroll down to Timer)
  • click and hold the “Decrement value” (down arrow)
  • it will go into negatives


I love these new hyperlinks in the settings. this will make it SO much easier for new ppl to use!!!


in fact, this entire “information card” looks so beautiful. so… flat (?)

However, can i just point out something. hovering over the blue “OK” button makes it change to this (grey color):

Perhaps think about modifying it to act like the “Save” button on the main Deck options window? just a thought

ah and, regarding the OK in the options:

here is how it looks like when a person hovers over it in Light mode


Re point 1, if I double-click the tags area to hide them, then close and reopen the browse screen, they still appear hidden for me? I’ll log the other issue.

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