Minor bug when searching for cards in browse with Swedish letters

Just noticed that if I search for a card starting with any of the letters å, ä, ö (swedish alphabet), then suddenly the search becomes case sensitive. Happens both on Anki desktop (PC) and on AnkiMobile. I have updated to the latest versions, but the issue remains. Would be great if it worked in the same way as with the other letters in the alphabet and remained case insensitive when browsing cards.

Thanks for an amazing app!

This is documented in the manual:

Standard searches are case insensitive for Latin characters - a-z will match A-Z, and vice versa. Other characters such as Cyrillic are case sensitive in a standard search, but can be made case insensitive by searching on a word boundary or regular expression (w:, re:).

I think it’s done because Unicode case-insensitive search is more expensive.


Ah, okay. I did read this part of the manual, and since our alphabet does count as a Latin alphabet, I thought it was a bug. I solved the problem sort of by writing all the Swedish specific letters in lower case.

Thanks for explaining!