Merging same gap cards into one

I have a bit issue. I’ve thought at first that if i make many gaps (like c1, c2, c3 etc) in one card, the gaps will show one after another, but it created as many cards as many gaps i made. Like for 3 gaps it was 3 cards. So i decided to change them in order to show all at once (i changed c2, c3 etc all to c1). But it changed for every card created, so I have now for example 3 same cards, which have one different factor in the second column called gaps. There are same cards, every have all gaps shown at once, but there is one with factor “gap 1” second with “gap 2” etc. And if delete one card, it deletes all of them.
So my question is how can i merge these cards?
And second question - is this possible to make gaps opening one after another, not all at the same time on one card?

I’m not quite sure if I understood your issue correctly. You have three Cards per note but want to merge them into one Card-type?

You can absolutely do that under Tools-> Manage Note Types selecting your Note-type and then clicking on Cards on the right.

There you will be able to edit the HTML js and css of your cards to merge them into one.

Deleting unneeded Cards is also possible there. Look at the top bar.

As for “revealing gaps one after another” I couldn’t think of anything straightforward right now. You can definitely do it. Can you do it without a bit Javascript? I would doubt it. So maybe look into js a bit.