Merging original miles down deck with updated Kaplan mile down

Hello, I am currently using a deck called “Miles Down” it is a very popular deck for the MCAT. I’ve been using this deck for a couple of months already via suspend and unsuspending cards as I go. I recently learned about an updated version called “Mile down Kaplan” (basically a well organized version of the original miles down deck). I tried importing the updated version (Mile down Kaplan), however none of my cards from the original mile down deck (Miles Down) was organized and the new deck did not show any cards. Both decks were just separate. I want to know if it is even possible to merge the two versions?

Mile down Kaplan was released 2y ago, a more up-to-date version can be found here:
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If you are on 23.10+, you can merge them if they are in the same note type

When you import an .apkg file, Anki will identify any notes in it that are already in your collection due to a previous import. If the notes in the file are newer than your local copy, the notes will be updated with the contents of the file by default.

This updating process is generally not possible if the notetype is changed (e.g if either you or the deck author do things like add an extra field to the notetype). You will still be able to import any missing notes from the file, but notes you have imported previously will not be updated if the deck author has made changes.

Also, if both you and the deck author modified the same notetype, you can now decide to merge the two versions. This will preserve all templates and fields contained in either one, but will require a full sync, and may mark other existing notes as modified.
Packaged Decks - Anki Manual

Hi thank you for responding! I tried importing mile down Kaplan.However my decks are still showing up as separate. I was hoping for them to merge so that I can keep my progress that I have already made on the original mile down deck.

I guess my question is how can my original mile down deck merge into the mile Kaplan deck and still keep my progress? I will prefer to only use the mile Kaplan deck since it is more organized I just do not want to lose any progress. For example, I completed the sensation and perception in the original mile down deck… why does it show zero cards in the mile Kaplan deck? I hope this makes sense.

I am fairly new to Anki so Im not sure if it is possible. I’ve attached some pictures down below.

Let me preface this by saying I know nothing about either of those decks, so if they have special features that make them unusual, this advice might not get you very far.

These appear to be two completely different collections of Notes (see Getting Started - Anki Manual) that are making their Cards in different Decks. The Cards in “MileDown Kaplan <3” and “MileDown’s MCAT Decks” can’t see each other and don’t know about each other.

If you want to try re-importing the Kaplan notes/cards to merge them into your original notes/cards, you should first delete the Kaplan set from Anki, and then follow the instructions above that NameLess pointed you to. If that works, the new stuff from the Kaplan collection will be added to your existing cards in your original decks – but it won’t reorganize your original decks to look like the Kaplan deck-tree.

If that doesn’t work to merge them, it’s because Anki can’t tell that they are the same. In that case, another option is to take all of the notes from your original deck that you have “activated” – in Review and Learn – and move them (“Change Deck”) into the appropriate Kaplan decks. These will probably overlap with the Kaplan cards, even if thy don’t match exactly, so you’ll have to decide whether you just want to stick with the original note/card, use the material from the Kaplan note to update the original note/card, or suspend your original card (giving up your review history) and start fresh on the Kaplan card.

Thank you that makes sense! I do believe that will be my only option since the decks are still being viewed as separate.

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