Memory palace phrase in anki


Over the years i have heard a lot of negative things about apps like drops which only encourage you to learn a new word and its translation. The criticism is that when you try to remember it during speaking you often can not.

The critics suggest building a memory palace (try googling it) to attach more meaning to the word. They suggest adding a location, sound and meaning phrase to it, so that you can remember the new word when you need it.

Personally i have found this to be helpful and would like to suggest that an additional field be added to each new card so that you can capture the phrase… possibly three different phrases each for location, meaning and sound of word.

I have learned many different words using anki however i cant reproduce it so easily when i speak.

If there is already a way to accomplish this, then please let me know.

Thanks for a great app like Anki. I am hoping that you will consider my suggestion.


Sounds like you just want to add new fields: Getting Started - Anki Manual


I’m not trying to learn a language, I use Anki to remember medical knowledge and proper courses of treatment. However, I run into the exact problems you are. Firstly, repetition, repetition, repetition. Secondly, you are free to include pictures into your notes as you’d like.

For me, I can have a note that says “Female Hallmarks of Trichomoniasis” and on the backside, it talks about the strawberry spots on the cervix and the frothy discharge. So I’ll see the picture and associate it with “Trich,” that way, when I do pelvic exams in the future and someone says they’ve previously had trich I immediately have the mental image of frothy discharge from a strawberry spotted cervix.

Hope this helped!

My pictures would not really exist in real life. I take it from my imagination.
I would really like phrases for meaning and pronunciation to be added.

Learning about 10 new words every day - I forget my clue and then the meaning and pronunciation of word is lost.

Thanks for the reply.

You can easily add additional fields to Anki. As Rumo said, it’s worth reading the manual.