MathJax parsing issue

I have a Cloze note with this content:

{{c1::\(\chi^2\)}} distribution is a special case of {{c2::gamma}} distribution:
\[ {{c1::\chi^2:: \color{blue}{\mathrm{-dist-} } }}(x) = \mathrm{ {{c2::Gamma::-dist-}} }( {{c2::\alpha::\mathrm{-par-} }} = {{c2::x/2::\mathrm{-val-} }}, {{c2::\beta::\mathrm{-par-} }} = {{c2::1/2::\mathrm{-val-} }})\]

This works as expected on AnkiDroid, but on Anki desktop it does not parse correctly - for the C2 card, Anki does not seem to properly translate the \[ / \] into MathJax open/close tags:

This used to work, I suspect this might be a regression related to the rewrites around the Rust migration.

I might get around to fixing this myself if no other Anki dev has the time for it.