Mathjax does not render properly within cloze even if it does on editor

I want to write the following equation on my card that uses cloze using mathjax, but it does not give me the correct rendering although it does on editor (“Text” field). I tried the same code on “Extra” field without cloze and it was rendered properly, so I’m sure the problem is that cloze reacts to two ending brackets (}}) on mathjax code before it reacts to the correct ones.

Here is the part of the mathjax code which is put in cloze.

Δτ \over { \sqrt{1 - \frac{v}{c^2}} }

This is rendered on Preview as [...] } \)}}.

Is there any workaround?

Putting spaces between }} that are part of the MathJax syntax should fix this:

{{c1::Δτ \over  { \sqrt{1 - \frac{v}{c^2} } } }}

More info here: Math & Symbols - Anki Manual


Thanks, this worked perfectly!

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