Report a bug for Preview

This is my content in card:

<anki-mathjax block="true">\small S_{6(n+1)}&lt;C_{周长}&lt;2S_{6(n+1)}-S_{6n}</anki-mathjax><font color="#ff00ff">刘徽</font>通过正1536边形得知π≈3.1416,其精度比阿基米德的高。后<font color="#ff00ff">祖冲之</font>用12288边形算得π≈3.1415926,在其后一千年内最准,他还找到了约率<anki-mathjax>\small \frac{22}{7}</anki-mathjax>(阿基米德也发现了)和密率<anki-mathjax>\small \frac{355}{113}</anki-mathjax>(又称<font color="#0000ff">祖率</font>)<br><font color="#0000ff">ps:</font>现在数学家是用<a href="">无穷级数</a>来算

It can be render normally in the editor, but I cannot Preview and cannot render in my Ankidriod.

This is what happens when I look at other cards and come back to this card:

My anki pc’s version is
Version ⁨2.1.60 (76d88073)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.4.2 PyQt 6.4.0
My ankidriod’s version is 2.16alpha93

When I paste the top text into a card, the preview works for me:

Please sync it and check it on your phone. Then come back to your this card

If this problem only happens when syncing with AnkiDroid, please report it to the AnkiDroid developers.

Oh no,Please take this problem seriously.
This has nothing to do with ankidroid at all. You just look at another card in Browse and then you go back to this card and it looks like this:

Have you reproduced the problem?

No, I can’t seem to reproduce the problem. I opened your Math deck, pasted in the text in your first post, and clicked around to various other cards and then revisited the card. It continued to display correctly. Have you ruled out add-ons as the cause?

Thanks very much. After I disabled this add-on, this bug is gone

Could you please solve this problem? I noticed that your add-on(the latest version) is currently having some compatibility issues

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