Report a bug in 2.1.60

In the previous version, my HTML content can be displayed normally, but now it cannot be rendered normally:
My code is <pre class="myCodeClass">Integrate[x y Boole[y^2<x<y+2],{y,-Infinity,Infinity},{x,-Infinity,Infinity}]</pre>
But when you switch to another card and back, the html content will automatically fill in some of these extra tags:

This will results in rendering errors. Even if I delete it manually, it will automatically appear again soon.Hope fix quickly…

As I know, that is y^2<x<y+2 make the HTML syntax error. However, this card of mine can be displayed normally in the previous version

Your HTML is invalid and the brackets should be escaped as you guessed. You can simply fix this by manually copying the text inside the pre tag when in the visual editor, then pasting it again, replacing all old content. Then open the HTML editor and wrap all the text in a new pre tag and Anki will take care of escaping special characters.

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It is normally now:

But if I look at all the other cards and then come back to this one, the typesetting will get messed up:

This is definitely a bug that needs to be fixed, and previous versions were able to display this content properly

@dae Help…

What happens if you disable all add-ons?

@kleinerpirat God, this is another problem with your [Anki Tooltiops(Anki Tooltips - AnkiWeb). This is the second problem I’ve found in the latest version. Please fix and see this also

@kleinerpirat Hello, this is a very serious bug, It damaged a lot of my card content
. Could you please fix it in time? I beg you.

I’m sorry my add-on resulted in erronous HTML for you. In your examples I do not see my add-on being used. Are the tooltips essential to your workflow?

I don’t have time to troubleshoot this at the moment, so I’m afraid you’ll have to leave it disabled for now.

I actually don’t know how Tooltips cause this problem, but as soon as I enable your Tooltips this problem will occur

This a very annoying bug, this mean I cannot include any <....< in my code. Such as <anki-mathjax>\small e^{-λ t}(0<c<λ)</anki-mathjax> in my card. Your plugin will also cause rendering failure

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