`<` in html markup will corrupt the card (part 2)

A few months ago I wrote about this issue at `<` in html markup will corrupt the card . That topic is now closed, but I wanted to share a small progress that I made today. I installed AnkiWebView Inspector to see what’s happening under the hood and here it is:

Notice the following line in the inspector:

<i< code=""></i<>

While the original source has been j&lt;i.

I think Anki has unescaped the &lt; sign from its HTML escaped entity form and has converted it to < when trying to produce the diff between typed answer and the expected one. This causes the <i to be treated as italic HTML tag and then messes with the rest of the document.

Still, no one was able to reproduce this issue in the last topic, so, it may be something specific to my OS/environment.

Nothing in your original report indicated you were using type-in-the-answer, so how were we to know? :slight_smile: I’ve logged this on Unescaped HTML in type-in-the-answer? · Issue #2616 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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