Mass Import of not new memorized, unmemorized cards. Help Sorting them

I just found Anki, It’s awesome. I’ve got a word list that I’ve been collecting for a year. and the one I exported from duolingo. Ive imported them into Anki, but trouble is I know most of the cards. some are already long term well known. some are short term well known, and some im just learning this month. How do I setup a first time flash card…review/test to pre sort all the cards and set at an appropriate review position?
we are talking 600+ notes.

It makes sense to me when you add any new cards, that Anki should ask you to do an intial review to figure out what your currently knowledge level of the notes you added is. Something like: Skip (New), Actively Learning, Learned recently, Learned long ago.

thanks for the help.

I’d say you should enable FSRS in your deck options, and then just use the usual Again Hard/Good/Easy rating buttons.

It’s not clear what a specialized one-time setup mechanism would do better than just doing an actual review session for the first time. If you know something well, just use Easy on it.

But again, FSRS scheduling will work better than the default in terms of lengthening the interval more after Easy ratings.

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its already enabled as the default settings. but i dont want to be stuck reviewing in a long queue 600+ cards where 300 of them i know really well, 100 need to be seen, and 30 i want to be learning right now. If i say easy on it, well thats fine, but ive got to hit easy several times for it to be set to a reasonable intervel. and all the while i ve got lots of cards that i wont be seeing. there are so many settings its confusing to know what to change just to have a clean one time ‘test’ ‘rating’ of my profficiency with each card. so i knows when i should be studying them. i dont want to rate 300 cards 3 times just so it knows my interval should be monthly or annually.

I think you underestimate how fast your intervals will increase when you grade a card Easy a couple times! :wink: Even with the default FSRS parameters, after 1 click of Easy, your interval will jump to 8 days. I haven’t done the math on where it will go from there, but the jump will be significant. These cards aren’t going to bog down your studying.

It sounds like you want Anki to “know” what cards you know better than others already – but it’s going to learn that by you seeing the cards and grading your answers. There are ways to shove a card to a different interval, but (1) I would recommend that to be used only after you’ve studied and graded the card, and (2) you’d essentially be substituting your guess as to the correct interval for what Anki and FSRS are going to quickly (and more accurately) be able to calculate.

You’ve only got 600 cards. If half of them are already well known, you’ll zoom through them. You could probably introduce 40-50 cards per day without much pain, and you’ll get quickly to the cards you want to be studying.

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ok. cheers. Thank you both!

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