Manual. The maximum number of decks is not updated

The Manual states:
"Anki was not designed to handle many decks (more than several dozen), …

Upgrade 2.1.22 : “Removed the ‘too many decks’ message in the deck list screen.”

I think the statement in the manual still applies; it’s only that the message was removed for some reason. (just guessing)

I would reword the paragraph by making clear that slowing Anki is not the issue at all. - even at 1000 decks. Or simply change the word ‘several dozens’ to ’ several hundreds’.

There are many variables, computer performance, SSD versus hard drive, network connections, how the cards are constructed, number of tags and so on and so on…

I have tweaked the wording a bit, but I would still not recommend you go wild with thousands of decks.

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